Educational Software for Connected Infrastructure Systems

We developed an software to visually and vividly show how infrastructure systems impact each other and train people to find optimal plan to deal with infrastructure disruption.
Various infrastructure facilities (i.e., transportation system, power grids, fuel supplies, sensor networks, communication systems, etc.) are located on a map.
The links between the facilities represent that these facilities will influence each other directly, but facility A may effect facility C if there are links between faclities A and B, and B can C but there is no link between facilities A and C.
Each link are assigned with a percentage value to indicate how severe/useful this damage/maintainance is.
The software will be launched online as a webgame.
There are two types of player: attacker (i.e., a hurricane, the player click one facility to damage it) and protector (i.e., the coordination department, the player click one facility to fix it).
The attacker starts to game by clicking one facility. The damage effects will show by animation. Then the protector can click one facility and the clicked facility as well as related facilities will be fixed at different level. If a facility turns into gray, that means it has been destroied 100%. The attacker and protector play after each other and only click one facility for each step.
In limited time (i.e, the hurricane stops), if all facilities turns into gray, the attacker wins. Otherwise, the protector wins and a report will pop up to show how good this infrastructure disruption proction plan is.