Fred Mannering
Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
4202 E. Fowler Avenue
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620
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The racing and Fathead ( made from picture taken at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 2000s:

Current rides (1969 MGC, Honda CBR954RR, Mercedes-Benz SLK):

Lead guitarist/songwriter in the metal band Vulgaris (1990s):

Vulgaris CD Cover and Downloads (MP3 and videos below):

Songs (MP3 and Videos):

Voices (4:47)   YouTube video available here
Johnny (5:30)  YouTube video available here
Prelude to zero (1:15)  YouTube video available here
Speed Zero (4:02)
Trauma (2:46)
Misfortune (4:11)
Society's Victim (3:57)
Super Heroes (3:51)  YouTube video available here
Dark Passage (1:57)
Dead Zebra (4:17)  YouTube video available here
Proximity (3:50)
The Rack (1:21)

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