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Instructor: Fred Mannering, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of South Florida 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, ENC 3506 Tampa, FL 33620; e-mail: Fred Mannering; links: personal homepage.

Course Summary: The objective of this course is to provide students with a general background in the application of various statistical and econometric analysis techniques. The course will present a number of model-estimation methods that are used in the analysis of engineering and scientific data. It is important to note that the methods presented can be used in a wide variety of data-analysis applications and go well beyond the techniques typically covered in statistics courses. The course will emphasize model estimation and application, but underlying theory and limitations will be discussed to ensure that the methods are properly applied and understood.

Time and Location: Fall semester, Wednesdays 2:00pm - 5:00pm, in room ENG 201.

Textbook: Washington, S., M. Karlaftis and F. Mannering (2011) Statistical and econometric methods for transportation data analysis, Second Edition, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, FL, 544 pages. Online price availability
Notes: F. Mannering (2018) TTE 6307 Statistical and Econometric Methods. Available at Pro-Copy, 5219 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33617 (

Course syllabus
ENC2002 Compter Room Pass Key
First lecture PowerPoints
Example Assignment
NLOGIT 6 Student License

Final Exam: Wednesday December 11 12:30pm to 2:30pm, Room ENG 201
Midterm exam
Midterm survey key
Midterm exam data

Table Templates and Explanations:
Assignment #1 - Example with Table Templates
Assignment #1 - Constant/indicators example
Assignment #2
Assignment #3 - Expanded Explanation with Table Template
Assignment #5
Assignment #6
Assignment #7
Duration models
MNL/Mixed Logit
Latent-Class logit
Count data models

Assignment #1 (Due Spetember 18)
Assignment #2 (Due October 2)
Assignment #2 Log-Likelihood at zero calculation
Assignment #2 Log-Likelihood at convergence example calculation
Assignment #3 (Due October 9)
Assignment #4 (Due October 16)
Assignment #5 (Due October 23)
Assignment #6 (Due November 6)
Assignment #7 (Due November 13)
Assignment #8 (Due November 20)
Assignment #9 (Due December 4)

Assignment Grading Comments and Assignment Notes:
Assignments #1 2018 comments
Assignments #1 & 2 2017 comments
Assignment #1 2016 comments
Assignment #2 comments
Assignment #3 parameter interpretation
NLOGIT data satcking explanation
Course progress - percent understood chart
Assignment #4 comments
2015 Assignment #5 comments
2016 Assignment #5 comments
Assignment Observations

Software Command-File Downloads:
Assignment #1
Assignment #2
Assignment #3
Assignment #4
Assignment #5
Assignment #6
Assignment #7
Assignment #8
Assignment #9

Data Downloads:
Assignment #1
Assignment #2
Assignment #3
Assignment #4
Assignment #5
Assignment #6
Assignment #7
Assignment #7 (short data with 26 respondents and 1040 observations)
Assignment #8
Assignment #9

Class support materials:
Support materials 1: | SURE Speed Presentation | Example 5.2 Sure/3SLS (Purdue Data) | Example 5.2 Sure/3SLS (USF Data) |
Support materials 2: | Nested Logit Paper Supporting Example 13.7 |
Support materials 3: | Risk Compensation Presentation |
Support materials 4: | Random Effects Ordered Probit Presentation |
Support materials 5: | Random Parameters Count-Data Models | Commands for RPM Assignment #2 |
Support materials 6: | Mixed Logit Presentation | Mixed Logit Example | Mixed Logit Paper |
Support materials 7: | Latent Class Logit Presentation | Latent Class Logit Paper |

Term Project Downloads:
Term projects due 5pm December 12, 2019
Term-project Data
Term project MNL/Mixed Logit table template with marginal effects
Example for stacking NLOGIT data (to get file ready for discrete outcome modeling)

Other Supporting Material:
USF Statistical and Econometric Metodes II Spring 2019
QUT Transport Data Course
Text Website

Other Links:
Course lecture slides
Software manual
Seattle Traffic Map (assignment #2)
Chi square calculator
t-test calculator (one-tailed)
Normal distribution calculator for random parameter models
Dan McFadden interview

Some Selected Readings (Assignments 1-7):
Sarwar, M, Anastasopoulos, P., Ukkusuri, S., Murray-Tuite, P., Mannering, F., 2017. A statistical analysis of the dynamics of household hurricane-evacuation decisions. Forthcoming in Transportation 45(6). [PDF]
Mannering, F., Abu-Eisheh, S., Arnadottir, A., 1990. Dynamic traffic equilibrium with discrete/continuous econometric models, Transportation Science 24(2), 105-116. [PDF]
Mannering, F., Hamed, M., 1990. Occurrence, frequency and duration of commuters' work-to-home departure delay, Transportation Research Part B 24(2), 99-109. [PDF]
Shafizadeh, K., Mannering, F., 2006. Statistical modeling of user perceptions of infrastructure condition: An application to the case of highway roughness. Journal of Transportation Engineering 132(2), 133-140.[PDF]